Artificial intelligence for global warming challenge
ALBATROS detects forest fires at early stage, preventing devastating wildfires and avoiding massive greenhouse gas emissions


Designed as a large-scale solution, Albatros drones powered by artificial intelligence are able to detect early-stage forest fires up to 97km far. A single drone flight allows to monitor an area of 330,000 km2 with high reliability. The drones are autonomous, each one follows a specific pattern designed with regards to the wildfire risk characteristics of the moment.

2,500m operation altitude, 12 hours autonomy, wind resilience up to 102km/h

Carbon Offsetting

Albatros' operations extensively avoid greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore it provides carbon credits to companies willing to compensate their carbon emissions.Local, immediate and certified offsetting is provided in addition to people's safety and ecosystems protection.For 2024, Albatros provides 10,000 carbon credits enabled by wildfires prevention operations occurring in European countries. Hundreds of thousands credits will be provided the following years.

For Regions and Firefighters

+30% efficiency in time gain and resources saving (Firefighters, equipment, water)
Less dangerous and tiring interventions for Firefighters
Absorbing wildfires risk intensification without continually invest in extra means

Fire alert and precise geolocalisation given to Command post/Operational center within 5 secondesIn real-time situation awareness of the fire (propagation behavior, intelligence) to the commanding FirefighterFire fighting resources coordination providing


Environmental Impact

As wildfires are responsible for approximately 15% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, tackling this issue is relevant in the purpose of having a great environmental impact.
High technologies such as artificial intelligence represents a leverage to avoid carbon emissions as it allows to provide an efficient and large-scale solution, matching with the huge challenge we face.


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